Facebook, Microsoft Voice Concerns Over Their Games Appearing on Apple’s App Store Amidst Antitrust Probes

Facebook, Microsoft Voice Concerns Over Their Games Appearing on Apple's App Store Amidst Antitrust Probes

Facebook and Microsoft’s grievances over how their gaming apps appear on Apple’s App Store may channel into an EU investigation into the iPhone creator’s business as EU antitrust regulators said such concerns are on their radar.

The European Commission in June opened four probes into Apple, three of which are into its App Store and its restrictive rules, including requirements that app developers use its own in-app purchasing system.

US social media monster Facebook and Microsoft are the latest companies to voice concerns about the rules, which have drawn criticism from app developers who say they make a lopsided playing field to contend with the iPhone producer.

Asked about Facebook and Microsoft’s issues with Apple, Commission spokeswoman Arianna Podesta said in a statement: “The Commission is mindful of these concerns in regards to Apple’s App Store rules.”

She didn’t give details.

Apple dismissed criticism of its App Store rules, saying that all apps are surveyed against the same set of guidelines whose point is to ensure customers and give a reasonable and level playing field for developers.

Facebook last week said its gaming app was only accessible on Apple’s App Store as a streaming service and that users won’t have the option to mess around.

Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said the organization needed to expel ongoing interaction functionality to secure Apple’s approval of its Facebook Gaming app.

Microsoft, which has a game-streaming service called Project xCloud said: “Apple stands alone as the only universally useful stage to deny consumers from cloud gaming and game subscription services like Xbox Game Pass.”

“It consistently treats gaming apps in an unexpected way, applying more permissive rules to non-gaming apps in any event, when they incorporate intuitive content,” it included a messaged statement.

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