Gmail Users on Windows 10 Mail App Facing Multiple Issues

Gmail Users on Windows 10 Mail App Facing Multiple Issues

Gmail accounts connected to the Mail app (otherwise called Mail and Calendar), which is accessible pre-introduced on Windows 10, are facing multiple issues, several users reported online. While a few users have called attention to that the app has quietly been erasing their emails, different users have additionally mentioned that it is moving the sent email things to the spam organizer. There are additionally a few users who are facing issues with the Outlook app on the two Windows and Mac gadgets. Microsoft is, in any case, yet to give any lucidity.

According to the reports on the Microsoft Community discussions, the issues with the Mail app have affected an enormous number of Gmail users. “Throughout the end of the week, the emails that I have been sending have not been appeared in my sent things organizer, albeit once in a while breaking through to the beneficiary, here and there not. I’ve evacuated my record, checked all the settings and followed the online aides. Framework refreshed,” one of the influenced users mentioned on the Microsoft Community gatherings.

Gmail Users on Windows 10 Mail App Facing Multiple Issues

Multiple users are whining about a similar issue on the organization’s discussions, as spotted by MSPowerUser. There are additionally different audits on the Microsoft Store demonstrating issues in the Gmail integration accessible inside the most recent version of Mail app. “It’s decent yet doesn’t work very well with Gmail as should be obvious connections of the equivalent,” one of the users composed on the Microsoft Store.

A few users have likewise demonstrated that they aren’t even ready to connect their Gmail accounts with the Mail app on their Windows 10 PCs. This proposes they have to change to some other solution to send and get emails from Gmail.

According to some client reports on the Microsoft Community discussions, Google has underlined that there isn’t any issue at its end. “I have presented my question on the Gmail people group and was informed this is an issue that has been intermittently reported by users of Windows 10,” a client said in a discussion post.

A portion of the influenced users have discovered a brief workaround, which is to make another channel through which emails won’t be sent to the spam organizer legitimately. Nonetheless, that workaround works only for the situation if emails are moving to the spam envelope. It doesn’t work for users who are reporting unexpected deletion of their emails.

While responding to users on the Microsoft Community discussions, a Windows Insider MVP has expressed that the issues were there as the most recent version (16005.12827.20200.0) of the Mail app is broken for Gmail accounts. Microsoft, be that as it may, hasn’t yet given any lucidity on the issue. The organization didn’t respond to an email mentioning a remark on the issues at the hour of recording this story.

A few reports recommend that the issues go beyond the Mail app and are affecting users even on Outlook for the two Windows and Mac gadgets. There are some Microsoft 365 users who have likewise seen that Outlook isn’t sparing their sent emails from a Gmail account. This shows there are some server-side issues at the Microsoft end. The organization is yet to give an affirmation, however.

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