Huawei Beats Samsung in Global Smartphone Shipments for First Time in Q2 2020: Canalys

Huawei Beats Samsung in Global Smartphone Shipments for First Time in Q2 2020: Canalys

Huawei, for the first time, has become the main smartphone producer in Q2 2020 as far as shipments according to the most recent information by research firm Canalys. Huawei came in front of Samsung, Apple and all other smartphone makers and transported 55.8 million gadgets in the second quarter of this current year. It is the first time a maker other than Samsung or Apple has taken the best position in 9 years, according to Canalys. The explanation for Huawei’s prosperity according to the examination firm is the coronavirus pandemic.

Canalys states that Huawei dispatched 55.8 million smartphones worldwide in Q2 2020 which was a 5 percent decline contrasted with a year ago. Be that as it may, Samsung had the option to transport 53.7 million smartphones during a similar time, which was an a lot bigger 30 percent decline contrasted with Q2 2019. China, being the main market for Huawei particularly after the US government limitations, acquired 72 percent of the organization’s smartphone deals in the subsequent quarter. Strikingly, Huawei figured out how to accomplish the best position considerably after a 27 percent decline in global smartphone deals.

A Huawei representative stated, “Our business has shown extraordinary strength in these troublesome times,” according to a report by Reuters. Then again, Samsung said in its subsequent quarter results report that it hopes to see more development in the second 50% of this current year as request bit by bit recoups.

Canalys Senior Analyst Ben Stanton stated, “This is an amazing outcome that couple of individuals would have anticipated a year prior. If not for COVID-19, it wouldn’t have occurred. Huawei has exploited the Chinese financial recuperation to reignite its smartphone business.”

According to the report by Canalys, on the grounds that China has revived its processing plants, financial improvement is continuing, and new episodes are being taken care of in a greatly improved way, Huawei has figured out how to beat the competition. Nonetheless, another investigator at the examination firm pointed out that deals in China alone won’t be sufficient once the global economy begins to recuperate and it will get hard for Huawei to maintain its best position.

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