Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone Was Planned for India Launch but Delayed Because of Pricing, Says Company Executive

Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone Was Planned for India Launch but Delayed Because of Pricing, Says Company Executive

Lenovo Legion Phone Duel launch in India got delayed ultimately. The phone should launch close by Lenovo’s new gaming workstations which delivered for the current week, but was required to be postponed only in front of the launch. The Legion Phone Duel is Lenovo’s first endeavor at a gaming smartphone in a market that is by all accounts quickly extending. Like other gaming phones, it gets highlights like high revive rate and examining rate screen, best in class processor, and extra triggers and buttons to use in games. The Lenovo Legion Phone Dual has been launched in China and is focused on select markets of Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), and Latin America at a later stage.

Contraptions 360 addressed Shailendra Katyal, Executive Director, Consumer PCs and Smart Devices at Lenovo uninvolved of the Legion PC launch, and talked about the gaming phone, the new workstations, and Lenovo’s perspective on the gaming market in India. Talking on the phone, Katyal said that the underlying arrangement was to carry the Legion phone to India alongside the workstations, but now the Legion phone will rather come to India when the value point turns out to be more adequate, and the retail organize is better prepared, he included. The COVID-19 pandemic has made imports gotten more costly and investigators state that accessibility will likewise be an issue, which could clarify why Lenovo isn’t launching the Legion Phone Duel in India at this moment.

Dissimilar to the smartphone showcase, the Legion PC brand is currently settled in India, having first launched here in 2017. As per Katyal, Lenovo holds an almost 25 percent piece of the pie in gaming PCs, and considers gaming to be a quickly developing business sector. Today, with individuals stuck in their homes on account of lockdowns, Lenovo sees the chance to develop in the gaming space specifically, and Katyal shared his contemplations about the company’s arrangements just as the Indian gaming market.

Altered portions follow:

Has the market for gaming laptops grown during these times? How has the pandemic situation affected demands in various segments of laptops?

Given the ascent in the requirement for distant and adaptable working from organizations across India during this lockdown, we have seen an unavoidable increment sought after for PCs and supporting extras.

Lockdown and the pandemic have prompted a development in PC request, across sections, beginning from business PCs for telecommuting, buyer workstations for WFH [Work From Home] and online classes, and the gaming PCs for more virtual commitment among the gaming network. The gaming network developed fundamentally where a few gamers across various degrees of development took to participating in online war zone as Online games were additionally being seen as a methods for stress alleviation, during season of isolate/lockdown.

Lenovo has seen an expansion of 11 to 12 percent this year contrasted with a year ago, as far as units sold. What’s more, the gaming workstations establish right around 20 percent of the company’s income share.

Are all Legion buyers gamers, or is there feedback of others buying gaming laptops because the specs meet other requirements?

Clients comprehend these workstations have double utilization; they can be utilized for gaming just as profitability. Lenovo follows the “Work and Play” mantra with its workstations offering determinations that are valuable for making content like shading precise showcases that are fundamental for photograph and video altering, just as ground-breaking CPUs and GPUs for different outstanding tasks at hand. Along these lines, truly, the arrive at extends past just gamers.

Which is your best-selling Legion laptop in India?

Lenovo has made sure about almost a 25 percent piece of the overall industry in gaming in India, which means 1 out of each 4 [gaming] workstations purchased in the nation is a Lenovo gaming PC. So, the Legion Y540 has been the top rated model in the previous year. The setup with the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650, 1TB HDD + 256GB SSD has been the company’s smash hit model. The Legion Y540 is a generally spending benevolent offering so it bodes well that interest for it was the most elevated.

Do customers in India care about specs like “1ms response time”, “Vapor Chamber Cooling”, “Pantone certification” — what matters most to the customers, based on the feedback you get?

Clients do think about these particulars, actually, they look for them. Gamers specifically look into particulars like “1ms reaction time” and it’s not just about the CPU and GPU. They recognize the serious edge a quicker invigorate rate screen can give them. Tuning in to PC gamers, we drew in with a board of 7,800 shoppers from around the globe in 2019 (gamers and non-gamers) to all the more likely comprehend their requirements through a progression of studies. In light of our discoveries, we coordinated client understanding and foreseen their necessities to move and drive our advancements, including creating better console structure, more intelligent thermals, top web cam situation and simple access to ports plan.

Improvements over previous generation Legion laptops and what are the design changes in this new generation line-up?

This time around, the bolt keys are bigger. Also, a much-mentioned request from clients was the web cam situating. The past age Legion workstations accompanied the webcam on the jaw underneath the showcase which wasn’t perfect. This new age takes the webcam back to the top which is a more favored area for it. The screen to body proportion has been additionally expanded for better drenching. The ‘Work and Play’ makes these PCs reasonable for different use cases.

Between 10th gen Intel CPU and 4000 series Ryzen CPU, which is more favoured by customers?

While the as of late delivered workstations highlight tenth era Intel CPUs, Ryzen is certainly part of the approach. What’s more, workstations including Ryzen CPUs ought to show up soon. The acknowledgment for AMD Ryzen processors has doubtlessly expanded throughout the years and individuals have gotten more mindful about it. However, as of now, Intel still holds a more prominent offer, the reaction to Ryzen CPU based PCs is additionally positive.

What’s next in the Legion line-up? Any information on the Legion desktops?

Truly, the Legion work areas are a key piece of the portfolio. While the section level arrangement for example IdeaCentre arrangement is as of now accessible, the new Legion arrangement gaming work areas will show up at some point later in the quarter.

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