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    ‘We are waiting for rain, for winter, for God’ – Fighting a megafire in France

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    Hervé Trentin, a 34-year veteran of the Gironde local group of fire-fighters, remained on the edge of a roasted part of timberland clearing removes from his cheeks. It was the second time Trentin had cried that morning.

    “Please accept my apologies,” he said, getting it together. “This is our timberland. It is sad to watch it consume.”

    Trentin and his little group were moving around an area south of the French city of Bordeaux, in the Gironde locale, on Saturday morning, attempting to remain in front of a megafire.

    Their occupation was to consume the timberland, to make firebreaks – a strategy they had prepared for quite a long time to dominate and which put them in a little band of firemen in the locale fit for finishing the work. In any case, Trentin likewise grew up directly in the distance, and it was making him profound setting his home soil land.

    “It’s difficult for me to feel that I won’t see this woodland again as was it,” he said. “I’m 53 years of age, and this backwoods will require over 30 years to recuperate.”
    Trentin has a three-year-old little girl, and when he contemplates the fate of the woods he ponders her as well. “I can’t help thinking about what will occur,” he expressed, turning upward towards the highest points of the trees and past to the sky. “I would rather not say our future seems to be something we are experiencing this late spring, however… you know.”

    Individuals of Gironde had the opportunity to slow down and rest since the last megafire, in July, which consumed around 14,000 hectares in a similar region. That burst had all the earmarks of being taken care of, however the intensity was still in the earth – a supposed “zombie fire” that will reappear in determined dry circumstances and speeds up new flames.

    Trentin worked the July fire as well, as long as 48 hours in a row among the flares. “I had never seen such a tremendous fire,” he said. “I recall the huge flames in 91 and 97 yet they didn’t spread that quick.” Somehow the new fire was more terrible. The vegetation was drier than at any other time. “Indeed, even the hardwoods consume like straw,” Trentin said. “Normally we utilize the hardwoods to help us against the fire.”

    On Saturday morning, Trentin’s little group of experts was consuming segments of timberland around a few family homes, to safeguard them. They work by burning areas in front of the burst, to eliminate the combustible material.

    It is so dry in Gironde that the blazes they light can clear along the long consume areas right away and tear up tree trunks to head level. The firemen can accomplish this work when the breeze is low, to limit the gamble of their counter-fires spreading, however they have zero control over the breeze.

    Last Tuesday night, Trentin and his group were completing a controlled consume close to the town of Hostens when the breeze turned on them. The main sign was the sensation of cool air hurrying past their legs, he said, causing the situation of a breeze. It was the fire sucking air towards it as it drew nearer.

    The men moved rapidly into an area that they had currently consumed and dropped to their knees. They attempted to inhale tranquilly in the midst of the thick smoke. The blazes could undoubtedly encompass them. “We had failed to keep a grip on the circumstance,” Trentin said. “We realized the fire was coming.”
    There are in excess of 1,000 French firemen now in Gironde engaging this blast, helped by partners from different European countries. Not every one of them share Trentin’s long stretches of involvement, and for some it is their most memorable time confronting a megafire that can move quicker than you.

    At the point when the new fire was at its top in last week, Trentin and his partner Christophe Dubois were working in the woods when they saw a fireball flying towards them. “It resembles a wave coming over you, you can’t beat it,” Dubois said. “You need to drop and lie level on the ground.”

    Be that as it may, four more youthful partners from Toulouse froze, straight up. Dubois and a partner mixed to splash them with water and pull them down, yet only seconds were excessively lengthy, and two were harmed with severe singeing on the legs and face.

    Sometime thereafter, Dubois worked getting counter-fires going along an interstate until 4am. Their hours were directed by the impulses of the fire, he said.

    “In the event that you don’t have an enthusiasm for this work you can’t make it happen. We might seem like troublemakers yet we are touchy. We have an energy for the backwoods, for nature. It is agonizing to watch it consuming, and difficult to consume the pines ourselves to save it.”

    After a hard daytime making firebreaks around a few houses, Dubois and the group made a beeline for a headquarters where there are many firemen at some random time. Between the individuals from the group, there are many years of involvement performing strategic consuming.
    As they ate, they discussed the rate they had lost ground to the fire that previous week – around 6,200 sections of land in a single evening.

    “I have been a fireman for quite some time and I had never seen such a fire,” said Jean-Pierre Le Cunff, strategic fire boss for the Haute-Garonne district, who has two children in the power. “We are sitting tight for downpour, for snow, for winter, for God,” he said.

    There was no conflict that the environment was changing for the more regrettable. “We discuss a dangerous atmospheric devation obviously,” Le Cunff said. “We see it, we feel it. This year, it is striking. In the mountains there is no glacial mass any more, everything is dry, the crowds don’t have anything to eat.”
    After lunch, the group was called to an area of woodland on the edges of Belin-Beliet, a neglected town that was scorched seriously in July and again in August. They set an enormous strategic fire something like 25 meters from a house, to safeguard it after the proprietor called to say another fire had broken out on her territory.

    Firemen had previously advised Claudie Decourneau to venture out from home when the July fire brought transcending blazes close to her border wall, yet she declined. On Saturday, she stood and looked as they consumed at this point a greater amount of her property, where she raises domesticated animals to reside off and sells her wood.

    “I would rather not leave my creatures, and I feel more helpful here since I can look for new flames,” Decourneau said. In any case, she sobbed as she watched Trentin and Dubois and the group consume the land. On Friday, her power passed on. “I’m anxious about losing everything,” she said. “We won’t surrender yet it is exceptionally hard. Pines require numerous years to develop.”
    The intensity was furious as Ducourneau’s property consumed. At the point when the flares licked up the trees the firemen moved rapidly to splash them, however the region would be left totally singed. The rich woodland diminished to a no man’s land.

    While the consuming part was finished, and the air loaded with smoke, the firemen pulled back to their trucks, and talk went to the approaching evening. A tempest was figure – high breezes, perhaps lightning, yet little downpour.

    “It is terrifying,” Trentin said. “We couldn’t say whether there will be downpour. Assuming that there is wind, and lightning, the fire will deteriorate.”

    The tempest was conjecture to move in about 12 PM. Around 11pm, the lightning and thunder started, yet so did the downpour.

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